Who We Are

We aim to convene a broad stakeholder community of Start-ups and Scale-ups – along with established brands – in the same space as Investors and Social & Environmental Enterprises [at a global level] to channel their human, intellectual, technological, social, natural and financial capital – and brand resources – in this emerging and exciting industry towards achieving the SDGs. We aspire to do this through three integrated “pillars of service” – Advisory, Membership & Investment – both virtually and in person and hence provide the opportunity for key players in the Value Chain to share their know-how, know-what and know-who to help

develop meaningful relationships with a new generation of consumers to create regenerative enterprises and at the same time, generate “Impact Alpha” both in their communities and around the world.


We are certain that this will allow and enable the democratization of opportunity within the industry and accelerate innovation and implementation of ideas, products and services to deliver to the SDGs.