Regennabis is a Multi-Platform approach delivering ESG & Sustainability Advisory Services, Membership & Investment Services to drive Sustainable Development in the Cannabis & Hemp industry.

At Regennabis, we believe the Cannabis & Hemp Industry has the opportunity at the micro-, meso- and macro-level to systemically set about creating shared value for ALL stakeholders through a focus on Economic, Governance, Social & Environmental Factors. By addressing these opportunities in parallel, businesses can be a significant driver to deliver solutions to many of Humanity’s greatest challenges and deliver “Regenerative Growth for ALL” in this “Decade of Action”. The Cannabis & Hemp Industry is uniquely positioned to impact the 17 SDGs

The UN SDGs & The Cannabis Industry

Examples of Areas of Impact


What Does a Sustainability-Centric Organization Look Like?

CEO/Founder: Reputations enhancement, personal fulfillment, ability to create impact at global level, becoming a global leader.

SEEs: Ability to partner with companies in the Cannabis industry to solve problems and increase impact via new project development.

Clients & Customers: Feeling good about doing business with a values-aligned organization, problem-solving for community-related issues, making the world a better place.

Cannabis Organization

Reputation, access to new investors & potential partners, talent recruitment & retention benefits. Position as a positive-impactful brand in front of their customer base which is increasingly conscious of the benefits of the sector.

Investor & Funders: Solid reputation as investors, increased publicity, access to new partners and potential startups.

Employees: Ability to leverage their talents & strengths for global/local good. Personal fulfillment & happiness.

Civil Society: Accelerating implementation towards UN SDGs, SDG Goal 17, bringing new market capital & power into the non-profit sector.