The Challenge & Opportunity
of Our Time


“The curtains continue to be drawn open for the cannabis sector’s entry onto the global stage. With thirty-four US States and nearly as many countries supporting legalization or decriminalization efforts, it is simply a matter of time before cannabis becomes a globally traded agricultural commodity. It is likely that cannabis proves to be the best performing asset class over the next decade and unlikely that any sector remains untouched by this plant in the years ahead. The cannabis sector exhibits many of the characteristics common to emerging markets: information opacity; fragmentation; trade barriers; price (& value) discovery; regulatory uncertainty and consumer evolution. Financially, an attractive emerging market feature is the ability for an active and informed investor to generate alpha”. [Abridged, “Cannabis – a classic emerging market” MAZAKALI]


At Regennabis, we believe that there is a need to create a disruptive and innovative community driven by exponential actions – in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – to deliver both increased brand value and at the same time, provide solutions to many of the world’s biggest challenges and build a better future for ALL in the Cannabis Industry – to lead, learn, connect and innovate breakthrough solutions around humanity’s greatest challenges – and deliver “Impact Alpha” for ALL stakeholders.

The Cannabis Industry


In this era of disruptive innovation, the Cannabis Industry could potentially garner the “eyes & ears / hearts & minds” of a hugely influential group of consumers, i.e. more than 1 billion Millennials & Gen Z. At Regennabis, we see an opportunity for this industry to provide the Trust, Positive Reputation, a Sustainable Product Mix and Mindset that with guidance could disrupt the existing mono-capitalist market structure to one that flourishes on a multi-capital framework based on the following principles: