Regennabis provides Advisory Services to companies centered in the Cannabis, Hemp & Psychedelics Industries in alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We also offer these same services to “Canna-curious” Fortune 500 companies seeking insights into these nascent sectors. Our integrated offerings are designed to help companies deliver to their strategic, finance and operational goals through the successful build-out and implementation of an 'Environmental, Social & Governance' [ESG] framework.

We help clients build-out a suite of Sustainability, Communications & Branding objectives putting them on a clear path to deliver greater business and brand value. We also help Client's drive New Business & Commercial Development through new market entries and the commercial selling and sourcing of Cannabis and Hemp products.

ESG Accelerator Program

Contact us to learn more about our programmatic approach to embedding an ESG Strategy into your business operations.


ESG Solutions via the ESG Accelerator

Corporations embrace ESG standards for a variety of reasons including access to capital, enhanced risk mitigation & value creation, greater social “license to operate,” customer acquisition and employee retention. Greater recognition of the competitive advantage linked to this approach is increasingly making ESG a business fundamental for companies across industry sectors, especially in disruptive and rapidly evolving ones like the cannabis industry.

At Regennabis, our approach is based on a series of specific steps that all organizations should follow when developing an effective ESG program. These include:
· Understanding why ESG is critical to commercial success
· Mapping an ESG journey that leads to the desired outcomes
· Gauging how your organization is perceived
· Developing an ESG Strategy
· Communicating and Disclosing Progress

Equipping an organization with a solid understanding of these 5 key areas is a precursor to an engagement with a client organization, which we call the “ESG Accelerator”.  This programmatic approach can help any cannabis company with the development of an ESG strategy, be they private or public. For businesses interested in learning more, please contact us.

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