At Regennabis, we believe that through education and awareness, governments and societies will normalize, regulate and legalize cannabis, hemp and psychedelics.

This will drive significant economic, social and environmental development and impact the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Impacting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

At Regennabis, we believe that democratizing the opportunity for “Regenerative Growth for ALL” – for and by the Cannabis & Hemp Industry – is front and center of the work that we are undertaking with organizations and Brands in this exciting, somewhat nascent sector. 

With the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) serving as our overarching framework – and with a laser-focus on Environmental, Social & Governance issues - we believe that purpose-led players in this industry are well-placed to help solve some of the biggest challenges facing humanity in this ‘Decade of Action’ .  A normalized, regulated and legalized industry will help reduce poverty, improve health & wellness, reduce inequalities, drive innovation, improve life on land and below water and drive restorative justice - come join the movement!







Areas of Impact

⟶ SDG #1
Eliminating criminal justice-related poverty.

⟶ SDG #2
Protecting the ecosystem with the Cannabis plant & policy reforms.

⟶ SDG #3
Cannabis medicines for people living with Opioid dependency, etc.

⟶ SDG #4
Creation and dissemination of all knowledge concerning the Cannabis plant.

⟶ SDG #5
Women have systemic disproportionate penalties and conditions of incarceration

⟶ SDG #6
Toxic water storage & run-off is an environmental time bomb

⟶ SDG #7
Indoor Cannabis cultivation uses artificial light, heat, ventilation, humidity systems, automation, irrigation, etc.

⟶ SDG #8
Equal opportunities to be given to small and medium-scale operations rather than exclusively to large corporations

⟶ SDG #9
Bio-composites containing Cannabis fibers are resistant, durable and cost-effective and can be used in multiple industries

⟶ SDG#10
Will never be met as long as Cannabis and other drug uses, possession, and other related activities continue to be judicialized

⟶ SDG #11
Incentives for locally-oriented Cannabis markets that empower communities are key for the protection of the cultural and natural rural heritage

⟶ SDG #12
Almost all byproducts and wastes from the Cannabis plant are recycled or are biodegradable

⟶ SDG #13
Cannabis is an important lever for climate action in the context of SDGs 1, 2, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 15 and 17

⟶ SDG#14
Farming water run-off may be detrimental to our Oceans

⟶ SDG #15
Cannabis enhances biodiversity and flowering “hemp” becomes a potentially valuable source of pollen for foraging bees

⟶ SDG # 16
Social integration of people currently involved in illicit trafficking in Cannabis products is key to decreasing levels of violence

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