Cannabis Live.

Regenerative Cannabis Live is a series of leading events hosted at the United Nations and produced by Regennabis. Tailored around authentic, action oriented discussions, these events will explore how the Cannabis & Hemp Industry will drive significant economic, social and environmental impact and deliver the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Attendance to all RCL events is exclusive to Regennabis Members and Partners.


Upcoming Event:
October 3, 2023 - Hosted at the Delegates Dining Room, United Nations, New York City


“Regennabis’  knowledge of the Cannabis &  Hemp Industry and focus on sustainability, branding and ESG Frameworks - aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals - is groundbreaking!”

Senior Program Officer, UN Office for Partnerships

“It was truly an honor to give a keynote speech at the historic Regenerative Cannabis Live event at the United Nations.  It is incredible to reflect on how far  we' ve come as an industry and so inspiring to see so many passionate leaders ready to carry the momentum forward. Onward!”

Founder, Chairman and CEO Trulieve

“Delivering a keynote at the Regenerative Cannabis Live event at
the United Nations was one of the highlights of my career in cannabis. Every speaker and panel was outstanding. It was my honor to be surrounded by so many inspiring professionals working together
to move our industry forward for the benefit of the world’s people and our planet.

Thank you Patrick and team!


“Don’t laugh.  I’m serious… My faith in Cannabis conferences has been reignited.  Thank you Geoff Trotter, Patrick McCartan & the Regennabis team for putting together such a thought provoking event. ”

VP of Public Affairs, Weedmaps

“Regennabis offers a quintessential, innovative platform to stakeholders across the Cannabis Industry community while aligning this emerging sector with the critically important UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

Global Cannabis Influencer Clark Hill Law

Regenerative Cannabis Live Events

  • Aligned with the UN SDGs and with a multi-stakeholder perspective, global leaders will convene to explore the Economic, Governance, Social & Environmental impacts facing the industry now and in the future.

  • Tailored around authentic, action-oriented discussion, these events will explore how Cannabis & Hemp can drive Sustainable Development globally.
  • Attendance is limited to Speakers, Media and Regennabis Member Network Member Organizations. Additional seats may be made available by invitation only.

Regenerative Growth for ALL in this Decade of Action

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