Regennabis Ventures funds innovative companies with a demonstrable understanding of an ESG Framework and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We seek to add value and build a better future for ALL in the Cannabis Industry - AND Humanity. Together we lead, innovate and partner to achieve collective regenerative growth through a series of Impact Funds. “Smart People, Smart Ideas, Smart Money - Financing Impact for ALL”

What is
Regennabis Ventures


Enriched Group of the “Best Cannabis Companies”.

  Adding Value:
• Regennabis Member Network and / or
• Accelerator [“boot Camp” for ESG-oriented Start-ups / Scale-ups]; plus
• Board Participation; and
• Strategic Advisory Services

• Risk Mitigation
• Financing for Impact
• Member Network / Events / Innovation
• “DO TANK” (via Regennabis)
• Raising Capital / Family Office Events

Cannabis & Impact
Investment - Convergence


The Timing Is Optimal for Impact Investment in the Cannabis Sector

  • Sector Is Moving from Illicit Sales to “Legal Regulation” to Sound Company Governance
  • Federal and State Legalization will further weed-out the Poor Performers
  • On Trend - Sustainability Merging with Highly Profitable Cannabis Companies

Disciplined Risk Management Because of ESG Practices

  • Creating Healthy Companies
  • Investment Team Are Thought Leaders in ESG Practices
  • Proficient at Fast-tracking Companies through the Regennabis Process and Regennabis Member Network
  • Successful Track Record in Improving Companies

Why We Are Different


The Cannabis & Hemp Industry is uniquely positioned to impact the 17 SDGs.

Through our work in the Regennabis Member Network, we have an opportunity to access and improve upon companies in their early stages

Our focus on Economic, Environmental, Social & Governance factors will improve the company’s overall value

Addressing these opportunities in parallel, businesses can deliver “Regenerative Growth for ALL”

Positioned for Success

• Fund focusing on the significant cannabis opportunity in its nascent stage
• Capturing returns through impact investing
• Driving positive change in the cannabis sector
• ESG-screened portfolio
• Strong focus on leadership teams

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