The Regennabis Member Network (RMN) brings the ecosystem of the cannabis industry together and is structured to provide a peer-to-peer learning and collaboration setting around four core enablers for long-term, multi-capital organizational growth: ESG, Sustainability, Purpose-centric Brand Development and Investment Services.

Regennabis Membership is open to any organization seeking to learn and demonstrate leadership in the Cannabis Industry. The RMN gathers the greatest minds in the Cannabis / Hemp Industry to ideate and co-create solutions to deliver ‘Regenerative Growth for ALL’ stakeholders.

About Membership

Membership provides organizations with access to the most current thinking, innovation and action-oriented behaviors in the industry.

You will gain actionable insights in ESG, Sustainability, Branding and Investment Strategies – underpinned by trusted Knowledge – with a focus on creating competitive advantages, developing critical leadership capabilities and delivering Economic, Environmental and Social Impact aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



  • Multi-Stakeholder Network comprises Cannabis Companies, Fortune 500 Brands, Investors & Family Offices, Regulators, Growers, Operators, Distributors, Suppliers, Dispensaries, Media, Consultants & Influencers.


Member Meetings

  • Monthly virtual webinars and Quarterly in-person meetings
    (planned, post-Covid)

  • Open to all organizations for learning and networking

  • Topic Spotlights include; ESG Frameworks, Sustainability, Impact Investing etc.

Marketing & Branding

  • Media Partnership support

  • Brand Recognition at Regennabis Events

Collaboration & Learning

  • Participation in a global network of peers, sharing and learning know-what, know-who and know-how to deliver multi-capital growth for your organization

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