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The Regennabis Member Network (RMN) is a Community for purpose-driven leaders across the ecosystem of the Global Cannabis / Hemp Industry that convenes to co-create solutions to deliver regenerative growth for their business and all stakeholders. 

The RMN is structured to provide a peer-to-peer learning and collaboration setting around four core enablers for long-term, multi-capital organizational growth: ESG, Sustainability, Purpose-centric Brand Development and Investment Services. 



Join with Individual Membership

USD $ 1,500; includes one (1) seat to Regenerative Cannabis Live*

Regennabis Member Network - Individual Membership


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Join with Nonprofit Membership

USD $6,000; includes two (2) seats to Regenerative Cannabis Live*

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USD $15,000; includes four (4) seats to Regenerative Cannabis Live* 

* Pending availability. RCL Event seating is limited.

Why Join the RMN?

Membership provides individuals and organizations with access to the most current business thinking, innovation and action-oriented behaviours in the industry. It is open to any individual or organization seeking to demonstrate leadership in the Cannabis / Hemp Industry; no matter the legal structure, size or sector, e.g. MSOs, licensed producers, ancillary companies, distributors, media, social & environmental entrepreneurs, investors and Fortune 500 corporations.

Members gain actionable insights in ESG, Sustainability, Purpose-centricity and Investment Strategies – with a focus on creating competitive advantages, developing critical leadership capabilities and delivering Economic, Environmental and Social Impact aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Benefits of Membership


Monthly Member Meetings

• RMN’s monthly meetings are designed to be participative and highly interactive delivering next practice thinking and action on economic, environmental and social impact strategies across multiple sectors – aligned to the UN SDGs.

• Monthly Meetings / Workshops [60 Minutes / Third Tuesday of each Month]

• Integrate next practice in leadership from other members and invited influencers to discover what “being best” looks like for you and / or your organization.

• Meeting topics include ESG Frameworks, Strategy & Reporting; Sustainability; Corporate Social Responsibility; UN Sustainable Development Goals; Purpose-centric Leadership & more.


Regenerative Cannabis Live E
vents at the United Nations

  • RMN Members are eligible to attend the in-person Regenerative Cannabis Live (RCL) Event at the United Nations.

Branding & Marketing Support

  • Position your company's Brand (logo) visibility across multiple channels, e.g. on the Regennabis website, in Weekly Newsletters, Social Media and Marketing channels

  • Brand Recognition at all Regenerative Cannabis Live Events at the UN

Networking & Collaboration in a Global Community

  • The RMN Multi-Stakeholder network comprises a Community of Cannabis Companies, Fortune 500 Brands, Investors & Family Offices, Regulators, Growers, Operators, Distributors, Suppliers, Dispensaries, Media, Consultants and Influencers
  • Provides a unique peer-to-peer learning and collaboration setting 
  • Participate in a global network – sharing and learning know-what, know-who and know-how to deliver multi-capital growth at a personal and / or organizational level.


ESG Advisory Support

  • Members are eligible for 'Preferred rates' for ESG Advisory Support & ESG Excel, our SaaS Platform.
  • ESG Excel enables you to manage your Environmental, Social and Governance performance on one platform and efficiently communicate with all stakeholders.
  • Designed to help Cannabis companies manage, track and report on their ESG data and performance.


Are you an individual or an organization interested in joining the  Regennabis Membership Network?

 Contact the Regennabis team at [email protected] to join today.


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