• Regennabis Member Network (RMN) is structured to provide a peer-to-peer learning and collaboration setting around four core enablers for long-term, multi-capital organizational growth: Sustainability, Purpose-centric Brand Development, Investment and Knowledge Management.

• Regennabis Membership is open to any organization seeking to demonstrate leadership in the Cannabis Industry; no matter the legal structure, size or sector, e.g. licensed producers, growers, distributors, media and social & environmental entrepreneurs and investors.

• RMN’s quarterly meetings are designed to be participative, member-led and highly interactive. Regennabis will bring next practice thinking and action on environmental and social impact strategies across multiple sectors – aligned to the UN SDGs and with a relentless focus on delivering multi-capital growth for ALL stakeholders.

• Preferred rates for Regennabis Advisory Services.

• Discounted rates for Regennabis’ Partner Events.

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Regennabis Member Network featured members include:



  • Multi-Stakeholder Network
  • Global Cannabis + Hemp Community and network of peers
  • Cannabis Companies & Fortune 500 Brands
  • Investors, Regulators, Growers, Operators, Distributors, Suppliers, Dispensaries, Media, Consultants & Influencers
  • Sharing and Learning know-what, know-who and know-how to deliver multi-capital growth for your organization
  • Quarterly Members-only events and meetings

Collaboration / Partnering

  • Industry Peers
  • Media Entities
  • Civil Society
  • Investors + Family Offices


  • Interactive Sessions Using “ExO-type Design Sprints” to build Purpose- & Sustainability-Centric Organizations
  • “Next Practice / Do Leadership” workshops with influencers to discover what “being best” looks like for your organization
  • Blog Posts + Webinars
  • Case Studies + Reports