Sustainability 101+

What Does a Sustainable Organization Look Like

Branding 101+

What Does a Purpose-Led Business Look Like

Knowledge Management 101+

What Are Your Organization’s “Knowledge Gaps”

We provide insights and advice on an organization’s “Current State” across these three core “enablers for success” to co-create, co-curate and co-deliver an agreed-to vision of a “Future State” that speaks to the challenges (& opportunities) that an organization faces.



  • Multi-Stakeholder Network
  • Global Cannabis + Hemp Community
  • Cannabis Companies & Fortune 500 Brands
  • Investors, Regulators, Growers, Operators, Distributors, Suppliers, Dispensaries, Media, Consultants & Influencers
  • Meetings quarterly

Collaboration / Partnering

  • Industry Peers
  • Media Entities
  • Civil Society
  • Investors + Family Offices


  • Interactive Sessions Using “ExO-type Design Sprints” to build Purpose- & Sustainability-Centric Organizations
  • “Next Practice / Do Leadership”
  • Blog Posts + Webinars
  • Case Studies + Reports

The Regennabis Member Network gathers the greatest minds in the Cannabis Industry to ideate and innovate to deliver regenerative growth for ALL stakeholders.


Membership provides organizations with access to the most current thinking, innovation and action-oriented behaviors in the industry. You will gain actionable insights in Sustainability, Branding and Investment Strategies – underpinned by trusted Knowledge – with a focus on creating competitive advantages, developing critical leadership capabilities and delivering Environmental and Social Impact aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Membership provides you with:


• Workshops that integrate next practice in leadership from other members and invited influencers to discover what “being best” looks like for your organization.


• Members-only events held quarterly .


• Participation in a global network of peers, sharing and learning know-what, know-who and know-how to deliver multi-capital growth for your organization.

• Regennabis Member Network (RMN) is structured to provide a peer-to-peer learning and collaboration setting around four core enablers for long-term, multi-capital organizational growth: Sustainability, Purpose-centric Brand Development, Investment and Knowledge Management.


• Regennabis Membership is open to any organization seeking to demonstrate leadership in the Cannabis Industry; no matter the legal structure, size or sector, e.g. licensed producers, growers, distributors, media and social & environmental entrepreneurs and investors.

• RMN’s quarterly meetings are designed to be participative, member-led and highly interactive. Regennabis will bring next practice thinking and action on environmental and social impact strategies across multiple sectors – aligned to the UN SDGs and with a relentless focus on delivering multi-capital growth for ALL stakeholders.


• Preferred rates for Regennabis Advisory Services.


• Discounted rates for Regennabis’ Partner Events.


• Contact Us for Annual Membership Fee Rates


Market Dynamics

  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Fluidity, Size & Scale – Globally
  • Impact Investor, Family Offices, High & Ultra High Net Worth Individual’s “Impact Theses

Strategic Partner Development

  • Building A Cannabis Company
  • Supply & Off-take Agreements
  • Advisory Services

The Regennabis Fund

  • Focus on Social & Environmental Impact
  • Fund Foundation & Structure
  • Delivering “Impact Alpha” & Democratizing Wealth